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Issuer-Certificate CN=a-sign-corporate-light-03,OU=a-sign-corporate-light-03,O=A-Trust Ges. f. Sicherheitssysteme im elektr. Datenverkehr GmbH,C=AT
Serial-No. 124987
Date/Time-UTC 2009-06-10T11:37:52+02:00
Signatory Just Another Austrian Ministry
Verification Information about the verification of the electronic signature can be found at:
Note This document was signed with an official signature.

Issuer-Certificate and Serial-No. identify the signature certificate.

The Blip has no value of security. It only serves as fast recognition of the organisation. It is similar to a stamp or a seal on a paper document.
You can find the blips of all authorities which use the signature service of BRZ at the menu item BLIPS.

Date/Time-UTC is the time of signature in Universal Time Coordinated. Therefore this point of time might differ from the local time. The time of signature is mostly derived from the signators computer time consequently an asserted point of time like a date on a contract.

The Signatory is the name used in the certificate. The abbreviations which may appear in this field are as follows: CN = common name; OU = organisational unit; O = organisation; C = country).

Verification suggests how the signature can be checked. This is generally a link to a checking service.

The Note, the document has been officially signed must always be given.

Further informationen can be found at

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