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On the verification protocol you can find a section like the following.

Signer S C M
Federal Ministry of Justice 

A signature can be declared valid when each of the checks have been okayed.

In the best case you will see OK three times. If not, then click on the signer (here: Federal Ministry of Justice) for a detailed view.

Time of signature and
verification resp. (UTC)
Signature The verification of the signed info was successful. This
includes verification of all hash values of all references in
the signed info and verification of the signature value.
Certificate There is a certificate chain up to a trusted root certificate.
Each certificate of this chain was valid at the given time.
Signature manifest No manifest needed for that signature.

Signature: Here will be checked whether the signed hash value matches the hash value of the document.

Certificate: Here will be checked whether the certificate used for the signature and all certificates belonging to the certificate chain were valid at the time of signature (or revoked or expired).

The Signature manifest is not used in pdf signatures.

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